• AppKarma is a reward app that lets you earn Cash/Gift Cards for playing with mobile app games.
  • It has been used by over 5M users worldwide and is a highly rated reward app in Google Play.
  • Available rewards include: Amazon, iTunes, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Google Play, PayPal Cash, etc.
  • Rewards are delivered right in the app (no waiting for physical gift cards)

[Android Users]  appKarma is available on the Google Play store

[iOS Users] appKarma is NOT on the iTunes store. We’ve built a web app for iOS users to earn rewards:

  1. Go to on your Safari browser  à Click Get Started
  2. Install the first offer, Find Words – scramble word game. (Earn 100 points)
  3. Open Find Words and select GO TO APPKARMA to go back to the appKarma web app.

NOTE: Users will be redirected to the appropriate place (based on device) when they click on the tracking link / invite link. Desktop user will be redirected to a page where they can text themselves a link to download the app.

  1. [Completing Offers] Browse through app offers inside appKarma. Install app offer and follow the requirements -  “Install + Reach Level 5”, “Complete Tutorial” , etc
  2. [Redeeming points] Once you accrue enough points, you can redeem the points from inside the app.
  3. [Getting your gift card code] After redeeming points, the gift card code will appear in the My Rewards section of the app. Codes are locked for 24 hours (to ensure there’s no fraudulent activity) and will be visible after the lock period. PayPal cash payments are paid between 24-48 hours.
  • [Playtime Rewards] Earn multiple rewards for each app you install. Rewards are based on how much time you play with the app. (10 points when you play 5 minutes, 15 points when you play 15 minutes, etc …)
  • [Achievement Badges] Get extra bonuses by earning achievement badges (sign-up, check-in 10 times, complete 5 offers, etc)
  • [Karma Plays] (Android Only) Karma Play allows users to earn rewards for keeping and playing with apps every day.
  • [Level Up] (Android Only) Users can level up when they earn Karma Play badges. All offer rewards will be increased by 5% ~ 12.5%
  • [Redeem Bonus] Get 5% back each time you redeem your points
  • [Promo Codes] We issue promo codes a few times a week that you can redeem for extra bonuses
  • [In App Purchase Bonus] Get reimbursed when you make a purchase in qualifying apps you download inside appKarma.
  • [Location Rewards] Enable location services and users can get rewarded when they are near a participating retailer that is running special deals (walmart, target, and hundreds of other retailers)
  • [Invite Reward] Share your invite link / referrer code and earn 30% of everything your referrals earn. If you have a YouTube Channel, blog, or a popular website, you can get upgraded to VIP and earn even more referral rewards (contact
  • [More Offers]  As compared to similar app install reward apps
  • [Karma Plays] AppKarma is the only app install reward app that has this feature (allowing user to earn daily rewards for keeping and playing with apps they were rewarded for)
  • [More rewarding opportunities] Badges, promo codes, check-ins, Playtime rewards, Karma Plays, Leveling Up, In App Purchase reimbursements
  • [Missing Bonus Rewards] We reimburse our users appropriately if they did not receive their rewards. 



Your referral link works for all platforms:

  • Android mobile users will be directed to the Google Play store.
  • iOS mobile users will be directed to
  • Desktop users will be directed to a page where they can text themselves a link to install appKarma. 

[Reminder for iOS user] Please make sure to explain how iOS users can access appKarma – described above

[Upgraded Referral Link] Let your visitors know that if they use your referral link to sign up they will receive 500 points to start. Alternatively, they can also enter your referral code to receive 500 points.