Whether you made an in-app-purchase in an app because you want to earn rewards faster, or you enjoy the app and want to purchase items in the game, appKarma will reimburse your in-app-purchases made in offers you were rewarded for inside appKarma. 

You will receive 1200 Karma Points for each $1.00 USD you spend. Maximum of $10.00. 

Please read the following carefully. There are no exceptions to the following rules:

  • Offer must be above 600 points
  • (Android Users) You must complete at least 2 Karma Plays. Please provide screenshots as proof. 
  • (iOS Users) You must send a screenshot of your earnings history showing you've completed the offer. 
  • Submit your purchase receipt as proof
  • Only one IAP bonus will be issued to you per offer. 
  • You must not have accessed the offer via emulators, VPN, or Proxy servers
  • Send your email and screenshots to support@appkarma.io with the subject IAP Bonus

*** To qualify for an IAP bonus means you need to be rewarded for the offer. If you are making an IAP in order to complete the offer quicker, you will need to assume the risk of not getting rewarded by the advertiser. This means while you can still apply for a missing reward bonus, you will not qualify for an IAP bonus if you aren't rewarded for the offer.