** Update 1/25/2022:

There will be a limit to the missing reward amount you can receive that is based on your lifetime points. Please see Missing Bonus Limits below:


If you have met the offer requirements, waited for 24 hours and still have not received your reward, you can apply for missing reward bonus by contacting support@appkarma.io.

Note: We only issue the actual reward amount of the offer. Offer Boost, Reward Level Bonus, and Karma Plays will not be issued. 

Please include ALL of the following:

  1. Your username
  2. Name of the offer
  3. Screenshot of the offer (must show the requirement)
  4. Screenshot(s) of proof that you've completed the offer

You will not qualify:

  • If you accessed the offer from outside of your country
  • If you have already been rewarded for the offer
  • If you have previously received a missing reward bonus for the offer.
  • If we find any fraudulent activity flagged on your account

Missing Bonus Limits

1) You MUST complete at least 1 app offer OR 1 playtime offer in order to apply for a missing reward. 

2) Max missing reward bonus you will receive per offer depends on your Earnings Badge level (check your profile page)

  • No Earnings Badge :  Up to 5000 points 
  • Earnings Badge Level 1 : Up to 10000 points
  • Earnings Badge Level 2: Up to 20000 points
  • Earnings Badge Level 3: Up to 30000 points
  • Earnings Badge Level 4: Up to 40000 points


Rules for Multi-Reward Offers

If you are not getting rewarded for a level in a multi-reward offer, you are unlikely to get rewarded for subsequent levels. We will only issue no more than 2 levels in a multi-reward offer. Example:

  1. An offer requires you to reach Level 2, Level 4, Level 6, Level 8, Level 10, and Level 12.
  2. You received rewards for Levels 2 and 4 but did not receive reward for Level 6. Contact us and follow the instructions above and we will issue the missing bonus for Level 6.
  3. You can try to reach level 8 to see if you can earn the reward. If you fail to receive reward for Level 8, we can issue the missing reward for Level 8 but that will be the last missing reward you can apply for that offer.